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  1. High Fiction coefficient : it is the main factor to decide on the stopping power of the brake pads.The unit of the friction coefficient is u.The higher friction coefficient,the better braking power.Usually, the proper range of the friction coefficient is 0.3-0.6u. All of Hongchen brake pads enjoy a high friction coefficient.Which means a high stopping power and good braking performance.
  2. Less Wear rate: it decides on the working life of the brake pads.The less wear rate,the longer working life,and the more durable pads.The wear rate is opposite with the friction with the friction coefficient.So it is critical to keep a good balance between a high friction coefficient and a less wear rate.After thorough experiment and test.The Hongchen brake pads get a good balance between high friction coefficient and less wear rate.
  3. Good Shear strength:it is about how big power needed to separate the friction material from layer to layer,and from the material to the plate,The more shear strength,the more difficult for the separation,the safer for the drivers.The basic requirement for shear strength is above3.5Mpa.Ours is about 5.8Mpa to keep the safe driving.
  4. Non asbestos:Asbestos is the taboo in Hongchen brake pads,let’s take care of the world environment that we live and pay attention to the health of all human beings.
  5. Low noise:Is there brake pad absolutely no noise? No!But some noise a nearly can’t be detected,all of the Hongchen brake pads are quiet.