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  1. Precision casting to ensure the internal structure not appear shrinkage pore,avoiding fracture.
  2. Our brake disc material is selected keeping in mind the highest European standards,road house discs are built in grey iron smelting with very high laminar graphite content in a peripatetic matrix which exceeds the EN-GJL 200 grade and the GG15 standard tenile strength,requiring a minimum resistance of 200N/mm2 and hardness grade is 187-230HB.
  3. All installation holes and positioning holes use NC to ensure the installation accuracy of the drilling hole.
  4. In the rainy days,because there are holes and slots,can effectively avoid the lubrication eddect of water film,to prevent the braking effect weakened.
  5. The apertures can improve the brake disc surface air flow velocity and cooling resistant,avoid heat build-up,influence on the braking effect,also make the heat is not too much to pass through the tire rim,reduce the risk of high temperature burst.
  6. Grooved can make the brake disc for brake friction dust generated and dispersed into the air through the groove as soon as possible, so as to avoid the rolling friction dust,improve the friction between the brake disc and brake pad.
  7. Size of center hole control in lager than OE hub unit 0.03-0.08mm to ensure concentric operation.
  8. Install bottom,upper and lower friction surfaces beat control in 0.02mm to ensure the parallelism.
  9. Each palte is in the balance of control in 10 grams to ensure beating.

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