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Brake Disc Its High Speed Braking Effect Is Good
- Oct 30, 2017 -

Brakes now have a disc brake and drum brakes, old cars are many of the front plate drum. Many cars are braked after the car. Because the disc brake is better than the drum brake heat dissipation, in the high-speed braking state, not easy to generate heat decay, so its high speed braking effect is good. But the brake effect is not as good as the drum brake when the low speed cold brake. The price is more expensive than the drum brake. Therefore, a lot of high-end cars use the overall brake, and the general sedan used before the drum, and relatively low-speed, and need to brake large trucks, buses, still use drum brakes.

The brake disc is a round plate, and it rotates as the car travels. The brake caliper is used for two pieces of brake disc to produce braking force. It is fixed with a relatively rotating brake disc. When you slam on the brakes, it's jammed on the brake disc to slow down or stop.

Drum brakes are sealed, shaped like drum, in the domestic also have a lot of called brake pot. It rotates when driving. The drum brakes are fixed with a two-arc or semicircular brake shoe. Two brake shoes on the brake wheel under the action of the outer sheet, prop up the brake shoe friction with the brake drum inside the wall to slow down or stop the role.

Material requirements

Brake disc material is the use of China's gray cast iron 250 standard, referred to as HT250, equivalent to the United States G3000 standard. The requirements of the three main elements of chemical composition are: C: 3.1∽3.4 Si: 1.9∽2.3 Mn: 0.6 ∽ 0.9. Mechanical performance requirements: Tensile strength >21on/mm2, hardness requirements in: 187∽241 between.


Disc brake disc (disc) is divided into solid disk (single disc) and duct disc (double disc). Solid disc We are relatively easy to understand, plainly, is solid. Air Duct disc (vented Disc), as the name implies the ventilation effect. Outwardly, it has many holes in the circumference that lead to the center of the circle, called the air duct. In the exercise of the air convection through the duct, to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation, than the solid heat dissipation effect is much better. Most of the cars are precursors, before the use of the frequency meter wear larger, so the front duct plate, after the solid plate (single disc). Of course, there are also front and rear duct plate, but the cost of manufacturing is not bad.

The braking performance and heat dissipation have been improved, but the brake pads have been greatly worn. DIY Modified brake disc, Friendship tip: 1. The material must be good enough, no excessive impact on the strength of defects, such as large pores, sand holes, do not allow the existence of porosity. 2. Spacing and size distribution of holes and so on, because more drilling a hole, the strength of the place is weak. If the plate breaks, the consequences are unimaginable. 3. Symmetrical equalization. If the balance of the disk is seriously damaged, in the course of the driving will have a certain impact on the spindle. 3. This is a hard work, and I hope to be cautious. If there is no professional guidance, it is best not to be reckless.

Perforated crossed brake discs, also known as "high speed discs" or "Modified disks", are generally assembled in high-performance vehicles, such as cars, sports cars or sports cars. With the rise of the domestic automobile industry in recent years, there are many car friends DIY, from various ways to get the punch line brake plate and then DIY. Punch Line Brake plate is a double-edged sword, his advantages and disadvantages also coexist, but this brake disc on the brake pads wear will increase, the brake disc material and processing requirements are relatively high. Many small companies posing as Europe, Taiwan, Japan and other manufacturers of the brand in the production of high imitation brake disc, need a lot of DIY players pay more attention.

Brake disc is a very important part of the braking system, good brake disc braking stability, no noise, no jitter. Many DIY players do not have a certain professional knowledge do not casually change the brake disc, because the original brake disc is a lot of professional engineers have been tested, is completely able to withstand their own car braking force. The brake effect may not be as good as the ordinary plate after changing the punch line. Therefore, as concerns the safety of the total components, you need to flashget in the conversion must be cautious.

In addition, there is a disc integrated hub, ABS ring, assembly bolts, bearing skin, etc., commonly known as the bearing plate, for trucks and other larger models.

The drum brakes have a cast iron piece shaped like a tambourine, called the brake drum, which is fixed with the tyre and rotates at the same speed. Disc brakes have better reactivity and stability, better heat dissipation, easy replacement and other advantages. Drum brakes have lower cost and higher absolute braking power and are more used in the rear wheels of small cars. But its attrition rate is high, therefore the overall cost is high at the same time.