Quality Van Brake Disc

Quality Van Brake Disc

4616433 brake rotor auto parts Location:Rear Axle Height:53.2 mm Diameter:270.3 mm Centering Diameter:57.6 mm Pitch Circle Diameter:100 mm Brake Disc Thickness:9.1 mm Minimum Thickness:7.2 mm Number Of Holes:5 Solid Or Vented:S If the drum not design properly,it will change it’s performance...

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4616433 brake rotor auto parts




If the drum not design properly,it will change it’s performance after heating.It will also emerge mechanical deformation if forced with un-even press ,to make the shoe and drum will not connect properly, the pedal effort and braking distance will increased also.When the un- roundness of the working surface is too big,it will lead to self-locking,vibrates,and noise. The the brake drum must has enough side thickness,and it also need cast out rib reinforcement on the surface at the mouth to improve the strength.And these ribs will also help for heat radiation. To reduce the friction surface temperature,shorten the cooling time of brake devices.improve the energy capacity 35%-40%.

After the brake drum working surface fixing with the drum.it will finish machining positioning with the bearing holes.The tolerance of the roundness and concentricity of the working surface of mini. Cars should be ≤0.03mm,the radial runout should be ≤0.05mm,stand unbalance ≤1.5N·cm.

Brake discs body makes of light alloy material(such as alloy aluminum). The inside plugged with iron gasket.This brake drum not only has light volume,it also has good heating radiating,used on cars mostly.

The brake drum made of high strength grey cast iron,or alloy metals which has Cr. with the way of whole body casting.The drum’s structure is sample,easy producing,heat capacity huge.But the volume is big,so it is mostly used for medium,heavy vehicles.

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