DACIA 7700502515 Standard Brake Disc Rotor

Brake disc made in china for gm Ø: 265 mm Height: 90 mm Thread Size: M16X1.5 Num. of holes: 5 Centering Diameter: 104 mm Brake Disc Type: Vented Brake Disc Thickness: 35 mm Min. thickness: 33 mm Bolt Hole Circle Ø: 144 mm According to the performance and driving speed becomes higher and higher...

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Brake disc made in china for gm

Ø: 265 mm

Height: 90 mm

Thread Size: M16X1.5

Num. of holes: 5

Centering Diameter: 104 mm

Brake Disc Type: Vented

Brake Disc Thickness: 35 mm

Min. thickness: 33 mm

Bolt Hole Circle Ø: 144 mm

According to the performance and driving speed becomes higher and higher for autos,to improve the stability of braking,disc brake is the trend for brake system.As the disc is exposed in the air,so it has good heat radiation ability.When the car is at high speed driving,or brakes at short times many times,the feasibility of the braking is not decline to make better braking effects.It enhances the safety of the autos.

Under normal driving,there should be water layer comes out at the surface of the brake disc.And the drilled design can face this problem effectively.So,even driving at the wet road,it also can effect to the first brake,to ensure the the reliable braking ability at any weather.

When the braking system works at high temperature,the material of resin of the brake pad will produce gas and decrease the braking ability,also reduce the friction coefficient of the brake pad and disc.The drilling design will make the brake system release the gas faster,to return to the best braking situation.

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