Chevrole 15253255 Standard Brake Disc Rotor

Navistar standard brake disc 726: NO 738: N/R Bolt Circle: 7.25 Brake Outside Diameter: 15 Discard Thickness: 1.32 Grade Code: 4 Mounting Type: L Number of Bolt Holes: 10 Overall Height: 3.21 Sub Brand: ADV Vented or Solid: Vented Brake discs body makes of light alloy material(such as alloy...

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Product Details

Navistar standard brake disc 

726: NO

738: N/R

Bolt Circle: 7.25

Brake Outside Diameter: 15

Discard Thickness: 1.32

Grade Code: 4

Mounting Type: L

Number of Bolt Holes: 10

Overall Height: 3.21

Sub Brand: ADV

Vented or Solid: Vented


Brake discs body makes of light alloy material(such as alloy aluminum). The inside plugged with iron gasket.This brake drum not only has light volume,it also has good heating radiating,used on cars mostly.

The Advantage of Standard Brake Disc:

The brake disc has better heat radiation ability than brake drum.When at frequent braking conditions,braking failure will not happen.

The reacting of the brake system is fast,it can work with high frequency braking to meet the standard of ABS system.

The disc has no auto tight braking like the drum,so the brake force is even for the right and left wheel.

The disc also has better water drain ability,so it decrease the influence of water or mud to brake.

Compare to disc drum,the disc structure is sample to easy maintenance.

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