20792027 GMUSA Standard Brake Disc Rotor

Auoto parts hyundai brake disc kerea standard • Location:Rear Axle • Height:67 mm • Diameter:324 mm • Centering Diameter:69 mm • Pitch Circle Diameter:114.3 mm • Brake Disc Thickness:18 mm • Minimum Thickness:16.4 mm • Number Of Holes:5 • Solid Or Vented:V • Weight:7.4 kg

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Auoto parts hyundai brake disc kerea standard

•  Location:Rear Axle

•  Height:67 mm

•  Diameter:324 mm

•  Centering Diameter:69 mm

•  Pitch Circle Diameter:114.3 mm

•  Brake Disc Thickness:18 mm

•  Minimum Thickness:16.4 mm

•  Number Of Holes:5

•  Solid Or Vented:V

•  Weight:7.4 kg


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