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In theory, brake pads need to be replaced every 50,000 kilometers, but in practice, there may be cases where the brake pads are replaced early or lagged behind, and there are often “signals” that give you a hint as to when the brake pads should be replaced so that they can be replaced at the first opportunity to ensure brake safety and avoid accidents.

The vehicle’s own indicator light comes on

When the brake indicator light on the dashboard comes on, this is the vehicle sensor alerting you through the meter that it is time to adjust the brakes. The dashboard may come on intermittently during this time period. Although the brakes can still be used for a short period of time, in the long run, it is important to check the maintenance system at the car care store in time, as the brake system does not tolerate the slightest oversight.

A different sound when braking

Normally, we will feel the brakes are soft or hard, but when we feel a zipping sound when braking and realize that iron is rubbing against iron, this actually reminds us that the brake pads are at their limit and it is time to replace them immediately. When this metal rubbing sound occurs, it is possible that the brake discs have been damaged and even the brake discs need to be replaced along with them.

Different foot feeling when braking

As the vehicle mileage increases, the number of braking gradually increases, the brake pedal needs to be stepped on to a deeper position in order to achieve the desired braking effect, and the braking effect feels significantly attenuated during this period, or feel that the brakes have become soft, then it is time to go to the car maintenance store to specifically test the brake system, it is likely to have reached the time when the brake pads need to be replaced. Brake Discs Of course, the fact that this situation has come to an urgent, do not have a fluke.

Judging brake pad thickness directly through the eyes

In some models, you can see the thickness of the brake pads through your eyes. Under regular circumstances, the thickness of brake pads is around 1.5cm, but when you find that the brake pads have thinned to only about 0.5cm, you have been reminded that you need to replace the brake pads at this time. Of course, there are more high-end models where this is not suitable.

Because the quality of the vehicle and each person’s car habits are different, it is normal to have early or late brake pad replacement, so if you stick to theoretical data, it is like asking for a sword. So when your car is in the above four situations, please go to a nearby reliable car care store for maintenance in time.

Brake pads are so important, so is there any way to extend the life of brake pads?

The service life of brake pads depends on many factors as follow:


Imagine driving on city roads and driving on the highway, which one breaks more? Definitely on city roads! The environment has a lot to do with the life of your brake pads, if you are in a situation where you are braking a lot, then you will replace your brake pads sooner than others.

Quality of brake pads

The quality of the brake material varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some last longer than others. Therefore, you need to use high-quality brake pads. Hongchen is a Chinese supplier that produces high-quality brake parts that meet the requirements of various countries around the world. Hongchen uses special durable and friction-resistant materials to produce brake parts that maximize the life of the brakes. Click to learn more about our brake products.