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Racing disc

  • Modified Dacromet Galvanized Coated Disc

    Modified Dacromet Galvanized Coated DiscTrium brake disc auto parts Ø: 232 mm Height: 26.2 mm Num. of holes: 4 Centering Diameter: 66.7 mm Quantity Unit: Piece Brake Disc Type: Solid Brake Disc Thickness: 9.6 mm Min. thickness: 8.3 mm Fitting Position: Front Axle Weight: 2.64 kg According to the performance and driving speed becomes...Read More

  • Racing Coated Brake Disc Rotor

    Racing Coated Brake Disc RotorAuto brake rotor emark standard for trium Location:Front Axle Height:50 mm Diameter:215 mm Centering Diameter:61 mm Pitch Circle Diameter:100 mm Brake Disc Thickness:11 mm Minimum Thickness:9 mm Number Of Holes:4 Solid Or Vented:S Weight:2.75 kg If the drum not design properly,it will change...Read More