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Brake rotor

  • Hongchen Brake Disc 4351260180

    Hongchen Brake Disc 43512601801.Campany Details: Longkou City Hong Chen Auto Parts System Co,.Ltd is manufaturer which produces the auto brake products. Hongchen factory was founded in 1998,the predecessor is Longkou Casting Mill. Located in Longkou City,Shandong Province,which is famous in the world for manufacturing high-quality brake discs/rotors/drums. Mainly provide the auto brake products for the domestic market and International Trading Company. The company expanded in 2015 and set up a brake disc factory in Dongying City,also start do own international trading business. 2.The scale of campany : Then the total construction rea covers 30,000㎡;Casting area covers 4,000㎡, the production capacity is about the 20,000ton per year,machine processing capacity is 2,000,000 pieces per years.Annual Capacity reaches to 9 million US Dollars. 3.Certificate: The products has got through the certification of ISO/9001,SGS,TS16949 Quality System.Read More

  • BR3Z1125A MUSTANG Standard Brake Disc Rotor

    BR3Z1125A MUSTANG Standard Brake Disc RotorAuto brake disc for hyundai Location:Front Axle Height:30 mm Diameter:229 mm Centering Diameter:67 mm Pitch Circle Diameter:86 mm Brake Disc Thickness:13 mm Minimum Thickness:11.4 mm Number Of Holes:4 Solid Or Vented:S Weight:3.39 kg According to the performance and driving speed becomes higher...Read More

  • MERCEDES 6704210012 Standard Brake Disc Rotor

    MERCEDES 6704210012 Standard Brake Disc RotorRear brake rotors for all kinds of Car Location:Rear Axle Height:80.3 mm Diameter:324 mm Centering Diameter:75 mm Pitch Circle Diameter:120 mm Brake Disc Thickness:20 mm Minimum Thickness:18.4 mm Number Of Holes:5 Solid Or Vented:V Weight:7.7 kg The braking device is the system to hinder vehicle...Read More